For over 40 years, PAJ consistently delivers on-time, uncompromising quality with absolute Integrity, combining high-tech with fine jewelry craftsmanship.


For PAJ, your success is our success.

Jewelry making is an art and a science. We are constantly improving and optimizing our skills while integrating cutting-edge technology.

By always delivering a troy grain more than anticipated, we have become the most trusted name in the jewelry industry and the primary resource to solve complex technical issues to exacting requirements, producing thousands of delicate pieces a day, shipped in record time to end-customers.


Headquartered in Dallas Texas since 1978, PAJ, a family owned company, has grown and developed into an unparalleled source of expertise at every point of the fine jewelry supply chain, including design, development, marketing and global trade.

Our experience, our clientele and our international logistical capabilities, allow us to anticipate and catch major trends. Our significant investments in precision machinery and rapid prototyping technologies allows us to bring the most creative, technically challenging ideas to reality.

With design, marketing and logistics in North America (Dallas, New York, Toronto), Sourcing, R&D and manufacturing in Asia (Hong Kong, Guangzhou), branding, marketing, distribution in Europe and the Middle-East (Nice, Tel-Aviv), PAJ caters to the top brands and retailers, online or offline, for all technical, commercial and logistical challenges.

‘Reliable Timely Quality’ is at the center of everything we do. We are fully committed to exceed environmental and ethical standards of compliance in every region we operate.

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