The world’s top retailers turn to PAJ to design and create exceptional bridge jewelry. Our creations evoke the beauty and quality of fine jewelry, yet our focus is on more affordable treasures. We are masters in all types of metals – from gold and silver, to bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Our excellent workmanship extends to stone cutting and setting – from diamonds and gemstones to CZ’s and opaques. In addition, we have the product development background and skill set to design and manufacture technical prototypes.

R & D

Our R&D lab technicians utilize cutting-edge technology to develop manufacturing innovations. Our scanning electron microscope magnifies up to 2400x to identify the thickness of each layer of plating in a piece of jewelry. We employ multiple instruments to ensure that metal contents are correct for the job. And we’re constantly developing new tools for stone setting, polishing, wax shooting, and more – all with the goal of making the manufacturing process more efficient.


Before any metal is formed, before any sketch is drawn, our 30+ person design and product development teams traverse the world in search of up-and-coming trends and emerging styles. We can be found at boutiques and markets in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Vicenza, Basel, Cannes, and New York – working with designers and suppliers with a focus on what’s next in the world of jewelry.

The old-world of jewelry model making is alive and well at PAJ, as is cutting-edge 3D printing and CAD design. With over 100 creative CAD designers and clay model making artists, we boast an output of 1,000+ new and unique styles per month.


40 years in the jewelry industry has taught us about what goes into making high quality treasures. We’ve built our manufacturing facilities to easily accommodate multi-million piece productions. And our global distribution network leaves few areas on the planet that we can’t reach. Most importantly, our experience and passion for innovation drives our development of new cost-saving processes and time-saving workflows.

PAJ employs men and women in our China factories who are dedicated to bringing high quality treasures to life. We produce over 2 million pieces per month and thousands of styles per year. Our finely tuned and innovative techniques for jewelry-making range from stamping, lost-wax casting, laser cutting, plating and more.

Many other jewelry factories outsource the manufacturing of jewelry components, leading to unpredictable quality and delayed delivery. By contrast, PAJ owns every part of the production cycle; we excel at on-time delivery and ensuring that quality meets the exacting standards of our clients.


PAJ is focused on developing efficiencies and scaling our advanced fulfillment and distribution capabilities. We provide global distribution of bulk orders and replenishment for our retailers. We also cover packaging, warehousing, shipping, and receiving.

We have invested considerable resources in expanding PAJ drop ship capabilities to accommodate the jewelry industry’s growing drop ship market. Our drop ship program offers 24-hour domestic shipping Monday to Friday, allowing our online retail customers to be competitive in meeting consumer demand for faster shipping options. Our fulfillment division has the capacity to ship thousands of drop ship orders daily, and we continue to scale our program recognizing that online shopping and drop ship operations are the future.

Our information systems team makes order processing and new account onboarding easy. PAJ is EDI enabled for data transfer, utilizing 3rd party platforms or custom connect programming. This allows us to provide fully automated inventory feeds for excellent inventory accuracy.

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