PAJ has been providing quality fine and bridge jewelry to a growing market since 1976. Today, PAJ is one of the world’s leading jewelry manufacturers with offices in Dallas, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, and China. Our growth is a direct result of our innovative manufacturing techniques and our commitment to deliver excellent quality, service, and value. Our clients rank among the world’s top retailers, and we are very fortunate to have one of the largest customer bases in the industry.


Over the course of 40 years, PAJ has gained expertise in design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Today, PAJ maintains a global presence, with offices worldwide and more than 3,000 employees including our manufacturing and R&D facilities in China. Because we drive so much of the output in our industry, we have unparalleled insight as to the direction of the market. We also maintain a vertical integration that keeps sensitive and proprietary information self-contained, so customers can be confident that all intellectual property is safely managed within our company.


PAJ’s purpose is to make our customers successful by delivering outstanding jewelry with insight, inspiration, and integrity. We strive to deliver both high quality and meaningful products that emotionally connect with consumers.

Our progressive design, development, sales and marketing teams focus on forecasting trends and identifying opportunities that will grow our customers’ businesses. This ensures that our product is always on and ahead of trends. We also apply our extensive research of in-store and online marketplaces to provide our customers with data-driven product recommendations.

PAJ upholds the highest level of social responsibility to the many people who produce, handle and source our products. We ensure our customers’ trust through ethical conflict-free sourcing methods. Our manufacturing facilities are socially compliant and dedicated to maintaining excellence in both ethical and environmental standards within our company.

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