The world’s top retailers trust PAJ for the design and craft of exceptional bridge and fine jewelry

With a wide range of capabilities, a deep expertise in lost wax casting and stamping, pioneering electron forming technology, PAJ offers the broadest range of jewelry solutions manufacturing in the industry.


• Digital 3D model casting, 3D printing
• +100 designers, +30 CAD experts
• Precise metal flow calculation
• First class German casting technology equipments
• Fine cast crafting controlled through 50 different criteria


• First class 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC equipments
• Laser cutter
• Skilled and experienced operators


• 2 large plating facilities


• High definition laser engraving
• High performance metal cutting


• Precious Stone color range selection
• 2800X electron microscope
• Diamond purity/clarity
• X-Ray plating control
• Air/Salt Effect Test
• Cut Grading
• Sulfur Test
• Sweat Test


Our EDI enabled drop ship program offers 24-hour domestic shipping Monday to Friday, allowing our online retail customers to be competitive in meeting consumer demands with faster shipping options. We efficiently cover packaging, warehousing, shipping, and receiving.

PAJ produces more than 2 Million pieces a month and ships over 4000 packages every single day. We are the gold standard  of the jewelry industry when it comes to highly reliable global distribution of bulk orders and replenishment to all our retailers.


PAJ is committed to creating and maintaining the protocols to support a conflict-free supply chain which is fundamental to the reputation of PAJ and the jewelry industry as a whole. We are committed to our efforts to adhere to responsible sourcing protocols throughout the supply chain.”

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