In the early 70’s, math Phd. student Felix Chen, PAJ’s Founder and CEO,
imagined himself following the footsteps of Thomas Edison.
Little did he anticipate entering the world of jewelry,
even less becoming a central player in the industry.
Starting as a door-to-door salesman in New Jersey,
he quickly earned the trust of some of the largest jewelry retailers in the States.
By the late 70’s, identifying various opportunities,
Felix decided to move PAJ to Dallas TX,
opening a small showroom in the back of the World Trade Center.
It was instant success, with customers queuing outside of the tiny space.
Fast forward to the early 90’s, Felix bought an entire building
next to WTC and greatly expanded PAJ’s capacities and capabilities,
handling thousands of daily orders working with Michael’s,
Walmart and many smaller retailers.
In the late 90s early 2000s, PAJ fully entered into jewelry manufacturing,
building its own facilities in China, while expanding abroad,
adding as a client, licensing luxury brands
including ELLE and acquiring Charles Garnier.
In 2010, Derek and Dillon, Felix’s sons, joined the family business,
bringing a fresh perspective, re-thinking the jewelry purchasing experience,
integrating the potential creativity of the end-customer
and elegantly combining high-tech wearables with the world of fine jewelry.
Through 40 years of ups and downs in the jewelry industry,
PAJ has consistently delivered on-time, uncompromising quality.
This trust has earned PAJ one of the largest OEM/ODM customer base in the industry,
spanning the world’s top jewelry brands and retailers.
PAJ constantly strives to deliver beautiful and innovative products
by combining creative craftsmanship with precision technology.
For Felix, Derek, and Dillon, excellence in jewelry has become the family’s passion.

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